Kerry Napier

I am offering one-to-one personal training services in my hometown of Perth based in The Body Academy Perth. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just keep fit, I will be there to guide you towards your goals. You'll benefit from my years of experience of training and my know-how of dieting from my success as a professional bodybuilder. Feel comfortable in the gym in the hands of someone who not only has Personal Training qualifications (SVQ Fitness Instructor Level 2 awarded through Fitness Scotland) but has also walked the walk and lived and experienced the lifestyle required to reach your Fitness goals.
Background: I was born on Valentines Day 1975. My day job is working as a personal trainer at a local gym but for any Bodybuilder, Bodybuilding is almost a full-time job itself.
I have been Bodybuilding since I bought my first set of weights 15 years ago in 1992. However at that young age I wasn't commited to my training the way I am now. Workouts were for the sole purpose of building a decent body to impress the girls, and to meet girls you have to go out and party.
However after a while I noticed my body responded well and quickly to weight lifting. Much more so than my friends. I was also getting a little weary of my Party lifestyle, so my New Years resolution in 1998 was to give Bodybuilding a concerted effort. Training more regularly and paying more attention to the Nutritional side of things.
Progress was good. In 2000 I started using nutritional supplements like protein powder and creatine and Bodybuilding became less of a hobby and more a way of life. In 2004 I decided to test my physique out and entered the BNBF Scottish Qualifier.
BNBF Scottish Middleweight Champion 2004,2006
BNBF British Middleweight Champion 2004
BNBF Mr. Britain 2004
PNBA Professional Natural Mr Olympia 4th

I have been unfortunate to be stricken with other health related matters.
The main problem I have is that I am an asthmatic and suffer from a vast amount of serious food allergies, that lead to anaphlactic shock if the foods are consumed. A problem in a sport that relies a great deal on Nutrition. I am very allergic to all Dairy products which excludes me from using the Sports main food supplement, Whey protein powder. I have to make do with the much maligned Soya Protein varieties. Incidents of anaphylactic shock don't do much for your training either haha!!
I feel bodybuilding has been very benificial to my asthma (controlling my breathing and improving my general fitness) but the asthma can be a great hinderance too. Simple colds always end up in my lungs and training can be curtailed for a week.
Against the odds perhaps, but it just goes to show how much you can achieve if you persevere and stick at something.
The problems I have faced will help me understand any food issues and health problems that appear to be getting in your way and I can help you overcome them.