The Body academy is approx 4500SqFt The Main Floor is the Free weights and
resistance area with over 30 pieces of resistance equipment, dumbells from 2.5kg -65kg and also a huge amount of discs, various bars and kettle bells.The mezzanine area holds the CV equipment, boxing area, abdominal area and stretching area.

Cv Equipment includes: Precor Cross trainers, Precor Steppers and Precor Bikes both upright and recumbent, Precor Treadmills and Concept 2 rowers.
The Boxing equipment includes: punchbags,skipping ropes, focus pads, medicine balls and mirrors for shadow boxing.
The abdominal area includes various ab benches and mats to do floor work.
There are also swiss balls and balance pads to work on balance and flexibility.

Resistance equipment available for every level of experience and a wide range of equipment for every muscle group. Gym 80, Cybex, Myo, Precor and Nautilus.
Legs: Power cage for squats, 2 Leg Presses one traditional style and a Squat Press, Hack squat, Lying and Seated leg curls, Leg extension, Glute Machine and Calf Raise.
Back: Deadlift Rack, Hyper extension, Chin plus assisted chin, Lat pulldown,
a unique Myo Lat pulldown, Seated low row, Cybex seated row, Myo Low Row, T-bar Row.
Chest: Incline and Flat Olympic benches, Adjustable Benches, Decline Bench, Pec Dec,
Cable Cross Over, Incline Machine press and Cybex Chest Press. Cybex Smith Machine
Shoulders: Precor Shoulder press, Myo plate loading shoulder press, Lat raise &
Cybex rear delt machine. Cybex Smith machine.
Arms: Dip station, Assisted dip station, Tricep Ext, Unique Myo Bicep Curl machine, Nautilus Bicep and Tricep machines there is also a preacher bench, straight and EZ bars and various attachments for cables.

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