Gym Challenges
The April May Challege has been extended to May as it is being run to raise money for Caring for Kids. The Challenge is to bench press half your bodyweight keeping time with a metronome. The prize is a specially designed sporran designed by famous sporran maker Marcus Eagleton.

The March Challenge was twice your bodyweight on the leg press and doing as many reps as possible in 90secs.
The winner was Vicky McCann with 103 reps and 2nd was Shane Geraghty with 89

Deadlift Hold:
Putting twice your bodyweight on the bar hold the bar with no straps for as long as you can. The winner was Shane Geraghty with 151sec 2nd Guy Addison with 95 secs and 3rd Johnny Sinclair with 92sec well done that was a killer

Dips then Press ups:
You do as many dips as you can in 1 minute then 20 secs rest followed by as many press ups as you can in 1 minute.The winner is Shane G with a score of 120 followed by Vicky Mc with 105 then in 3rd place Gary Wilson with 101 in 4th was Guy Addison with 99.

The hanging challenge -hanging from a bar with close grip for as long as possible this was won by Scot Logan in a time of 5mins 35secs.Close behind was his brother Matthew with 5mins 5secs.

The Bench Press challenge - benching with your bodyweight for as many reps as possible Vicky won that with 31 reps (although as a woman she got 25% of her bodyweight) Shane G was 2nd with 30 reps at his bodyweight of 105kg (very impressive)

The dumbell challenge- 20kg dumbells over head one at a time each time you get a dumbell over your head counts as a rep. The winner was Graeme Barron with 107 reps awesome, followed by gym owner Guy Addison with 83 reps and in 3rd place Mark Alexander with 63 reps. very impressive scores.