About Us

The Body Academy belongs to Guy Addison & Vicky McCann. It has been a long
time dream of theirs to have and manage a gym in a way that would suit them as athletes.
A gym that they would want to train in even if it was not their own. They both have a great deal of experience and a genuine love of training which they hope they can pass on to all
the members of The Body Academy. Read more about them Below.

Guy Addison started lifting weights to assist him in his sport of American football.soon
the passion for lifting weights took over and the American football went by the wayside.
Guy became interested in weights training and bodybuilding 20 years ago and has been educating himself ever since.Guy’s real passion now is sports nutrition
he has been a major assett to the British Natural Bodybuilding team as a nutritionist.Guy
has been instrumental in helping numerous British, World and Universe champions
get into top shape for competitions. Guy also has a diploma in Sports Nutrition.
Vicky McCann has been involved in the fitness industry all her adult life starting as a teenager in a leisure club in Edinburgh. Vicky went on to do a degree in physical education.
Vicky has worked as a aerobics instructor, personal trainer and lecturer in sports studies.
Vicky’s own person achievements have been vast and include Scottish, British and most recently ProUniverse champion as a natural bodybuilder.
Vicky has also acheived titles and world record in Natural powerlifting.What makes Vicky
a top instructor/trainer is her experience, education, and love of training.
If anyone can get you into shape Vicky McCann can!